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Sudden Burst of Creativity

keskiviikko, maaliskuu 26th, 2014

Blue Goo pouring out of a Box. Go Figure!

Art of Illusion 2.9.2 (Yes, I should upgrade but, but…)
And Gimp 2.8
No lights in the scene, just couple of emissive cubes on the left side and on the top, and pure white environment color.

You may download the scenefile here:

Render settings:

Size: 1920 x 1080
Antialiasing: Medium
Min Rays /px: 4
Max Rays/px 128
Gloss & Translucency
And Soft Shadows both ticked and set to 4 rays to sample.

Ray Tree Depth: 16
Global Illumination: Ambient Occlusion,
Rays to Sample Environment: 64

Saved several times with different filter setups.
Combined together in Gimp. Saturation boosted.