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Fighter Jet in ’Enki Bilal’ – style

sunnuntai, toukokuu 10th, 2015

I’m a huge fan of Enki Bilal. I like his vivid art, and thoughtful, otherworldly stories. And I admire the way he draws technology. His fighter jets look bulbous and clunky but also streamlined the same way.

Well.. this one is my design, but I really tried to get the fuselage look thick and fat.

Jet in Enki Bilal style!

Jet in Enki Bilal style!

I think mine is way too clean and clutterless compared to any artwork by Mr. Bilal, but technically this is still WIP.

If you want, you can download the Art of Illusion – file from here. Feel free to use it any way you like.
And Here is the low poly pilot in its own file, if you like. You may do what ever you want with that too.

Pink Robot

keskiviikko, lokakuu 15th, 2014

Wallpaper for my nieces. They have a small pink laptop so why not?


Final image, different renders combined and then some Gimp wonders.

Modeled and rendered with Art of Illusion, Several renders combined with Gimp, and some grain, noise and glow added.


Base render

Base render, Nothing fancy, lot’s of tinkering with the lights and rendersettings to get it right.


Glow render

Glow render. Mostly the same as the base, except the fogmaterial surrounding the whole scene was crancked up few notches to make it glow and shine.


Black render

All except emissive texture replaced with black color. This layer was used on top of everything else to bloom out the text a bit. Blurred and mixed on with blending options.


”Factory” Back to AoI!

lauantai, toukokuu 11th, 2013

While I’m learning Blender it’s nice to rest my nerves with AoI sometimes. This is related to another personal project, so I decided to go with AoI to just quickly get some reasonable results. Idea is to give an impression of a heavy duty structures inside a factory.


The Final Product, Renders merged in GIMP.

Some lens flare and ’supernova’ filters added and few texture oddities fixed with stamp tool.Maybe I over did the Supernova and Lensflare effects. Looks a bit too bright.

The Making Of

These are the renders I baked together in Gimp using mostly different layermodes and 70% opacities.

The Basic Render

Nothing fancy here, forgot to set ”ray tree depth” to 32, so the light bulb looks a bit too dark.

Basic Render. No GI, just soft shadows and Glow on.  Min rays/ px 8 Max rays/px 128. Just to reduce the noise.

Basic Render. Max rays/px 128. Just to reduce the noise.

  • Anti alias: medium
  • Min rays / Pixel: 8
  • Max rays / Pixel: 128
  • DoF: none
  • Gloss/Translucency: on
  • Soft shadows: on.


Then some Caustics

For some reason my caustic settings always produce this kinda awesome mess.

Wild shine!

Wild shine!

I dont remember all of the settings here, But still no GI and caustics is set to ”Total Photons 1000 000 # to estimate the light 100″. What ever that means.

Fixing the Lamp

Then one more fast render with Photon mapping and the Ray Tree Depth set to 32. A bit noisy but the bulb looks way better.

Better lamp with Photon Mapping

Better lamp with Photon Mapping

For some reason I had huge problems rendering this scene. Global Illumination didn’t want to work at all, No Monte Carlo, No Ambient Occlusion. And if I tried to set  Gloss & Translucency or Soft shadows, Rays to sample to 4 instead of default 1, it didn’t render anything, it just spent hours burning the processors at 100% and nothing came out.

Nevertheless I’m quite happy about the final result.


I used this Huuuge freebie hdri as an environment texture.

And this photo by Andreas Praefcke as a backdrop. It’s just a flat splinemesh with image mapped texture. It’s not quite in right angle as you propably can see from the top right corner of theimage, but close enough to give the impression I was after.

So. Yeah. That’s about it.
Thank you for your interest. :)



Space, it is so cool.

maanantai, marraskuu 19th, 2012

Actually this thingy started, when I downloaded new version of Sculptris the other day. I toyed around with it and managed to sculpt a chunk that looked some what like a meteor. So I exported it to .obj and imported that to AoI to texture and render it there.

Then came a night that I couldn’t sleep, and since there was nothing on the telly (free DLC from finnish TV networks) I decided to rent a scifi movie to reset my brain. And that was ’the mistake’ that turned this into something that I can actually render. Still not happy about the ”Chunk” there, it looks so clumsy now. I may have to dump that in future versions or at least fix that texture.

Here’s the first render. Enjoy.

Something is going on around that blue giant.


keskiviikko, heinäkuu 18th, 2012

And not just any motor but a V-Twin.

Modeled mostly from memory without any measurements or reference images. Like what just ”looks about right.” I’ve boldly combined here stuff that I know about chaisaws and Briggs &Stratton engines. So Forgive me all the inaccuracies.

V-Twin, Modeled, and rendered in Art of Illusion.