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Space, it is so cool.

maanantai, marraskuu 19th, 2012

Actually this thingy started, when I downloaded new version of Sculptris the other day. I toyed around with it and managed to sculpt a chunk that looked some what like a meteor. So I exported it to .obj and imported that to AoI to texture and render it there.

Then came a night that I couldn’t sleep, and since there was nothing on the telly (free DLC from finnish TV networks) I decided to rent a scifi movie to reset my brain. And that was ’the mistake’ that turned this into something that I can actually render. Still not happy about the ”Chunk” there, it looks so clumsy now. I may have to dump that in future versions or at least fix that texture.

Here’s the first render. Enjoy.

Something is going on around that blue giant.