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Fighter Jet in ’Enki Bilal’ – style

sunnuntai, toukokuu 10th, 2015

I’m a huge fan of Enki Bilal. I like his vivid art, and thoughtful, otherworldly stories. And I admire the way he draws technology. His fighter jets look bulbous and clunky but also streamlined the same way.

Well.. this one is my design, but I really tried to get the fuselage look thick and fat.

Jet in Enki Bilal style!

Jet in Enki Bilal style!

I think mine is way too clean and clutterless compared to any artwork by Mr. Bilal, but technically this is still WIP.

If you want, you can download the Art of Illusion – file from here. Feel free to use it any way you like.
And Here is the low poly pilot in its own file, if you like. You may do what ever you want with that too.

Learning Blender

lauantai, toukokuu 4th, 2013

Yes, fellow Art of Illusioners,  I’m learning Blender. I’ve joined the enemy. I’m a traitor and a backstabber. – NOT!

But yes, I’m learning Blender. I’ve been thinking about this for a looong time. I’ve had blender installed for years, but I never before decided to do anything with it.


Blender Master Class and a partial cup of Coffee.

Until few weeks back one of my AoI scenes expanded to a point that it seemed  impossible to continue working with it.  And far as I know it is not so much of a problem with AoI it self but with the Java running under it. Large complex scenes just aren’t a thing for AoI.

Don’t get me wrong. AoI is a remarkable piece of software, It’s highly portable, and it’s über easy to learn, compared for example to Blender. Which makes it kind of a ”Get the Job Done”- software.
AoI is at it’s best with projects where scenes are small, and number of objects in a scene stays reasonable. It is super good in single object scenes. There’s a lot you can achieve with AoI, and I’m sure I’ll keep on working with it, especially with PME and procedural textures. I just love those..

Anyhow, AoI just pushed me over the limit to do something about Blender.

Biggest reason I hadn’t done anything about it, is the notorius User Interface. I have had nightmares about it.  The approach is so different to AoI. Sheer number of hotkeys you have to memorize to be able to do anything with it is… Oh my.  My left hand hurts. Srsly.

To conquer the horrors of the UI I decided to buy a book. I gained my Photoshop skills from a book, so it felt like a good idea. The book I  chose is ”Blender Master Class” by Ben Simonds. It seemed to be the latest Blender book, and the example projects in it were interesting. I believe I can learn as much about Blender as I learn about 3D modeling in general from that book.

Finally Today, Ive had few hours of time to study this, and doodle something together with Blender. Slowly figuring out the basic modeling tools. Can’t wait to get to the sculpting and texturing.

Here are some results of todays work. :)

Teddy bear coming on

Teddy bear coming on


Teddy bear has a soft pillow like belly.

Teddy bear has a soft pillow like belly.. And no head at all.


Web design, WIP

sunnuntai, huhtikuu 28th, 2013

Hey folks!

Lately I’ve been working a lot with webpages, layouts themes and all kinds of webdesign related stuff. I’ve learnd a lot.

I also have had for some time this idea about a template which would use CSS3 property called ”column-count” to split body text into 3 or 4 columns.

This is the first beta version about the theme, and it is very unfinished. I named it Pamphlet Vol 2.

Demo & download

You may mess with the demo here

…and if you want to, you can download a nice zip from here.

preview of a theme

Pamphlet Vol 2 theme preview

What I really hope is that You’d comment this one. I’d like to hear your suggestions or if there’s bugs or ridiculous mistakes in the html or the css. I tried to make it pure html5 and css3, but I can’t be sure about it.  After all I’m not a professional at this. I’m mostly self-taught designer.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. :)

Space, it is so cool.

maanantai, marraskuu 19th, 2012

Actually this thingy started, when I downloaded new version of Sculptris the other day. I toyed around with it and managed to sculpt a chunk that looked some what like a meteor. So I exported it to .obj and imported that to AoI to texture and render it there.

Then came a night that I couldn’t sleep, and since there was nothing on the telly (free DLC from finnish TV networks) I decided to rent a scifi movie to reset my brain. And that was ’the mistake’ that turned this into something that I can actually render. Still not happy about the ”Chunk” there, it looks so clumsy now. I may have to dump that in future versions or at least fix that texture.

Here’s the first render. Enjoy.

Something is going on around that blue giant.


keskiviikko, heinäkuu 18th, 2012

And not just any motor but a V-Twin.

Modeled mostly from memory without any measurements or reference images. Like what just ”looks about right.” I’ve boldly combined here stuff that I know about chaisaws and Briggs &Stratton engines. So Forgive me all the inaccuracies.

V-Twin, Modeled, and rendered in Art of Illusion.